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Low Vision 

 Video Magnifiers and electronic magnifiers for low vision and macular degeneration  big button and large button phone for low vision and macular degeneration
 large number clocks for low vision and macular degeneration

 Video Magnifiers



Learn how to save $100s even $1000s on quality Video Magnifiers!

Phones & accessories: big buttons, large displays, talking, alerts.

Clocks with large displays and other features for Low Vision.

 Talking products for low vision, the elderly, macualar degeneration and mental impairments
 Large and big button TV remote controls for low vision, macular degeneration, the elderly, seniors and mentally impaired




 Talking Products for the Blind and Low Vision Sufferers


Large Print Keyboards for Low Vision access to computers. 


Large Button Remote Controls for Low Vision and easier control of TVs.



 TV amplifiers and listening products for the hearing impaired and hard of hearing  Amplified phones for hearing loss and hard of hearing Captioned phones for hard of hearing, hearing loss, deaf and deafness

  TV Amplifiers

Amplified Phones

Captioned Phones

Set your own individual volume or listen to the TV without disturbing others. Amplified and alerting phones for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf. 
Phones that display printed text or captioning of phone conversations
  Personal sound amplifiers for hard of hearing and hearing loss loud clocks and vibrating clocks for hearing loss, hard of hearing and deaf  

Personal Amplifiers

Clocks & Watches

  Devices that amplify sounds and voices for the Hard of Hearing  Vibrating and alerting clocks for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf.  

Speech Assistance 

Voice amplifying phones for amplifying outgoing voice and speech  Artificial larynx products Speech and voice amplifying products 

 Voice Amplifying Phones

Artificial Larynx 

Speech Amplifiers and Speech Aids

Phones that Amplify speech output for poeple with low voices.


Artificial Larynx Electronic Speech aids for those that have lost their voice or had their larynx removed or damaged.

Devices that either amplify low voices or aid in speech for those who have lost their voice due injury, illness or surgical removal of the larynx

Alerting / Notification / Emergency Alerts

 Alerting, notification and emergency alert systems and products Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, alerting and notification products  Weather alerting and notification systems and products 

Multipurpose Systems

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

Weather Alerts 

Systems with more than one type of alert or notificaiton.

Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Notification Systems.

Weather Alerting Systems.

Telephone, cell phone and mobile phone alerting products

Door and window alerting and and notification products  Motion and movement alerting and notification products 

Telephone Alerts

Door & Window Alerts 

Motion Alerts 

Home Phone and Cell Phone Alerting Systems and Devices

Door and Window Monitoring and Alerting Devices  Devices that Monitor and Alert to Motion 


Baby cry and sound alerting, notification and signaler products   

Baby Cry Signalers

  Transmiters that detect and transmit to a receiver when a baby cries.