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Paging Signalers

  • SafeGuard

    Vibrating/Chime Pager with Receiver with Push Button Transmitter

    With a simple push of a button, reach an individual in a noisy area or someone who has difficulty hearing. This battery-operated system vibrates when activated, and works up to a range of about 100 feet both indoors and out and through most barriers...

    Was: $42.95
    Now: $42.40
  • LRS

    LRS RX-E467 Pager

    4-line alphanumeric display Notifies the user by vibration, tone or both Use up to 9,999 RX-E467 Pagers with the LRS TX-7470 Transmitter (sold separately - HC-TX7470) The LRS On-Premise Paging System is a fantastic solution for...

    Was: $120.00
    Now: $94.30
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