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Headphone Style TV Listeners

If you or someone you knows plays the TV so loud that it disturbs or annoys others, then a perfect solution might be a TV Listening System aka TV Listener, hearing impaired TV speaker, headphones or earphones.

TV Listeners are perfect for the Hard of Hearing TV watchers, Gamers and "nite Owls". The Hard of Hearing can amplify the TV sound through the headset to a level that is suitable for them while keeping the volume on the TV at a suitable level for others without disturbing or annoying them. Gamers can play without disturbing the rest of the household and late night TV watchers/Gamers won’t have to worry about waking others.

Wireless TV Listeners/Amplifiers come in different types (styles) and use different types of transmission signals.

See all of our TV Listening Systems on this page or choose specific types, styles and transmission signals.

  • TV Listener J3 Infrared


    TV Listener J3 Infrared Stereo System

    The TV Listener® J3 infrared TV system is a great value for under $50. Enjoy television while others sleep, read or study. Perfect for individuals with hearing loss. Allows one person to have the TV volume at their own custom level. With the TV...

  • Sereonic WH100 Wireless TV Headphones

    Serene Innovations

    Sereonic WH100 Wireless TV Headphones

    These wireless TV headphones have an ultra-long 330 ft. range & virtually zero audio lag. Hear every word of your favorite TV programs at your own personal volume! These wireless TV headphones have an ultra-long 330 ft. range & virtually zero...

  • Geemarc CL7350 OPTICLIP


    Geemarc CL7350 OPTICLIP TV Listening Receiver Amplifier

    Enjoy watching TV at a comfortable volume with disturbing others. Binge watch for up to six hours without recharging. An integrated microphone lets you hear conversations with the touch of a button. Optical input and auxiliary input for easier...

  • PT-908 RF Wireless TV Headphones


    PT-908 RF Wireless TV Headphones with FM scan/USB Transmitter

    Perfect for TV's- allows you to listen to your favorite TV shows wirelessly without disturbing others. No more complaints about loud volume! The wireless USB transmitter is powered up by any USB interface and can be connected to additional earphones so...

  • Matrix Cinema wireless Bluetooth headphone

    MEE Audio

    Matrix Cinema wireless Bluetooth headphone with audio enhancement

    The Matrix Cinema is designed for media entertainment - a cinema for one! 4th-generation Matrix Cinema headphones introduce a suite of innovations, designed, to improve the Bluetooth headphone experience with movies and, TV. Proprietary CinemaEAR, audio...

    Was: $149.99
    Now: $119.99
  • Extra Charging Base and Headset (HC-CL7350-RX)


    Geemarc 7350 Opti Clip TV Listener Extra Charging Base and Headset

    Add a second charging station and headset to your Geemarc CL7350 Opticlip TV listening system to enjoy watching TV uninterrupted while your other headset recharges! Features: Stereo reception Optical input on the base Integrated microphone, so you can...

    Was: $98.99
    Now: $65.70
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