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Television Amplifier

  • Serene Innovations TV SoundBox for hard of hearing and hearing loss.

    Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations TV SoundBox TV Speaker | Hard of Hearing TV Speaker

    Hear the TV without turning up the volume with this wireless TV listening system speaker for the hard of hearing. Tired of muffled words, blaring TV volume, background noise and music drowning out the dialogue? Do you know someone that turns the TV...

    Was: $149.95
    Now: $129.95
  • Unisar DH900-VE TV and personal listening system headset


    Unisar DH900 TV Listening System for the Hard of Hearing

    Perfect for listening to the TV in private without disturbing others or sharing the TV without blaring the volume. The DH900 TV listening system headset by Unisar wirelessly enhances sound from your TV making it easier to hear the TV without turning up...

    Was: $99.99
    Now: $76.30
  • Serene Innovatons T SoundBox with 2 AC adapters

    Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Wireless TV Speaker with Two A/C Adapters

    Tired of straining to hear your TV? The Serene Innovations TV SoundBox® is an amplified TV speaker that brings crystal clear stereo sound from the TV directly to you, without wires or the need for headsets! No more muffled dialogue, missed words or...

    Was: $172.89
    Now: $135.55
  • TV SoundBox Speaker Receiver

    Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Extra Speaker Receiver - Receiver Only

    This is an additional/replacement TV SoundBox Speaker Receiver to add to your existing Serene Innovations TV SoundBox TV Listening Speaker system or to replace the speaker of an existing system. This speaker will not work by itself or pair with...

  • Unisar DH900


    Unisar DH900 TV Listening System Extra Headset

    Use as a replacement headset/receiver for the Unisar DH900 TV Listening System, or pair it up to the transmitter for a second listener to use! Includes battery. What else is need to make this item work? Unisar DH900 TV and Personal Listening System for...

    Was: $49.95
    Now: $42.55
  • Williams Sound

    Williams Sound TV Talker Flex WFM 270 TV Listening System

    Get a high-quality RF TV listening system for an affordable low price, and listen to TV sound anywhere in your home! Using the neckloop receiver, people with t-coil hearing aids can enjoy not just TV sound with the Williams Sound TVTalker™ Flex WFM...

  • Unisar Wireless TV Listener


    Unisar Wireless Portable TV Listener

    Amplifies TV or other audio sources, helping those with hearing loss watch TV without blasting the volume Unobtrusive compact receiver fits in your pocket Choose how you listen—use with included earphones or any headset Wireless radio frequency...

    Was: $99.95
    Now: $78.35
  • sennheiser set 840-2


    Sennheiser Set 840 RF TV Listening System

    Priced too Low to Advertise! Please see details about the real price> One of our very best TV Listening Systems, the Sennheiser Set 840 RF TV Sound Amplifier System is ideally suited for wireless listening to the TV even while moving around your home...

  • TV Listener J3 Infrared


    TV Listener J3 Infrared Stereo System

    Priced too Low to Advertise! Please see details about the real price> The TV Listener® J3 infrared TV system is a great value for under $50. Enjoy television while others sleep, read or study. Perfect for individuals with hearing loss. Allows one...

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