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Stereo / Music

  • BeHear NOW

    BeHear NOW- Assistive Hearing Bluetooth Headset Personal Amplifier

    The BeHeaR NOW assistive hearing headset combines the functionality of three existing devices into one; Bluetooth stereo headset for wireless mobile phone calls and media playbackAssistive hearing device for enhanced intelligibility of...

  • Clarity AH200


    Clarity AH200 Amplified Headset

    The CL-AH200 is an amplified headset with two hearing profiles for use across multiple platforms for an amplified audio experience. Clarity’s AH200™ Amplified Headset pairs with mobile devices, tablets or other wireless devices so you can...

    Was: $63.35
    Now: $60.85
  • Clarity TL200


    Clarity TL200 Wireless Bluetooth TV Listener

    The TL200™ TV Listener pairs wirelessly with either your television (for TVs without Bluetooth connectivity, includes a bluetooth transmitter that connects to either the red and white audio outputs or headphone jack or your TV) or mobile phone...

    Was: $99.95
    Now: $82.30
  • ClearSounds

    ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop System with IL95 Phone Amplifier

    The ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop System™ includes the ClearSounds IL95 Base Amplifier, ClearSounds CLA7v2 Amplified Neckloop, ClearSounds IL95 Connectivity Cable and a handset adapter. The ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop...

    Was: $159.95
    Now: $119.50
  • ClearSounds

    ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth Neckloop

    The elegant ClearSounds® Quattro 4.0 neckloop is the perfect listening device for people with hearing aids, cochlear implants (with t-coils) as well as those without hearing aids to hear clearly in any environment. The Quattro 4.0 is ideal for...

    Was: $279.95
    Now: $214.15
  • Generic

    Contacta HLD3 Loop Amplifier

    Priced too Low to Advertise! Please see details about the real price>The Contacta HLD3 loop is a powerful wireless loop system that transforms your telecoil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants into your own little personal loudspeakers. (Loops...

  • Nuheara IQBuds


    Nuheara IQBuds Personal Sound Amplifier

    Nuheara IQBuds Personal Sound Amplifier Comfortable earbuds amplify speech for better hearing in different environments--home, restaurants, work, etc Wirelessly stream music and audio from your cell phone or MP3 player Selectively tune in or out the...

  • Sennheiser

    Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless RF TV Listening System

    Priced too Low to Advertise! Please see details about the real price> Home entertainment just got more entertaining! The RS 175 has superior bass and surround modes for high quality digital sound.  Comfortable, ergonomic headphones with...

  • Sennheiser

    Sennheiser RS 195 Wireless RF TV Listening System

    Priced too Low to Advertise! Please see details about the real price> The RS 195 wireless headphone system provides exceptional sound that can be fully personalized to your hearing without having to crank up the volume and disturbing others in the...

  • Sennheiser RS 2000


    Sennheiser RS 2000 TV Amplifying System - Hard of Hearing TV

    Why the Sennheiser RS 2000 TV Amplifying System? Adjust the volume for the left and right ear independently Ultralight wireless headset with up to 150ft range Up to 9 hours of use per charge makes it easy to binge watch your favorite shows Connects...

  • Sennheiser RS 5000


    Sennheiser RS 5000 TV Amplifying System - Hard of Hearing TV

    Why the Sennheiser RS 5000 TV Amplifying System? Tailor the TV and radio volume to fit your needs with 3 listening profiles and right and left volume control  Reduces background noise and makes speech much easier to understand Ultralight...

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