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Hand-Held Video Magnifiers

 magnifying-glass.jpgHand-Held Video Magnifiers are great for users that prefer to hold their magnifier in their hand. Hand-Held Video Magnifiers include the Mouse types that connect to TVs, and units that have their own screen, including Portables (battery operated). 

 For more information and assistance with low vision and video magnifiers, please feel free to read the following:

How Video Magnifiers Work

What is Magnification?

Choosing a Vision Aid

Vision Loss and Family

Magnification Chart


  • ColorMouse Video Magnifier


    ColorMouse Video Magnifier

    An easy to use full color electronic magnifier that connects to your TV. Approximately 14x magnification on a regular 20" TV (28x on a 40" TV). Great for reading and viewing pictures. The Bierley ColorMouse Video Magnifier is ideal for reading books or...

    Was: $228.00
    Now: $216.00
  • MonoMouse-RM Video Magnifier


    MonoMouse-RM Video Magnifier

    The MonoMouse-RM provides three viewing modes. The first mode is called grayscale and is simple black and white text the same as the MonoMouse. The text appears on the screen just how it appears on the printed material, apart from of course being...

    Was: $228.00
    Now: $216.00
  • ColorMouse-RM Video Magnifier


    ColorMouse-RM Video Magnifier

    Full color electronic magnifier with three viewing modes, similar to the MonoMouse-RM, above. The first mode is regular full color the same as the ColorMouse. The text appears on the screen just how it appears on the printed material, apart...

    Was: $285.00
    Now: $265.35
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