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PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System

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Product Overview

  • Washes, disinfects and dries hearing aids and cochlear implants to maintain optimal performance and prevent costly breakdowns
  • Washes all types of hearing aids and cochlear impants

Get the ultimate hearing aid and cochlear implant cleaning system. PerfectClean washes away ear wax, uses heat to remove moisture and a UV-C light to disinfect. 


  • PerfectClean Solution dissolves earwax and cleans hearing aids
  • Includes one PerfectClean Solution Cartridge that lasts for 45 cycles (Purchase extra cartridges here>)
  • Removes moisture with heat, no desiccant needed
  • UV-C light kills bacteria
  • 2 hour and 30 minute wash cycle
  • Washing compartment dimensions: 2.79" W x .71" H x 3.43" D
  • Outside dimensions: 4.17" W x 2.68" H x 4.80" D

Warranty Three year warranty
Brand MG Development
Product Type Hearing Aid Accessory
UPC 3700560704338
What's in the Box Hearing aid cleaner and dehumidifier, cleaning solution, USB cord with AC plug


(No reviews yet) Write a Review