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  • Unisar DH900


    Unisar DH900 TV Listening System Extra Headset

    Use as a replacement headset/receiver for the Unisar DH900 TV Listening System, or pair it up to the transmitter for a second listener to use! Includes battery. What else is need to make this item work? Unisar DH900 TV and Personal Listening System for...

    Was: $49.95
    Now: $42.55
  • Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations TV Digital Audio Connector DAC-202B

    If your TV does not have an Audio Output terminal, but does have an Optical or Coaxial Out, use the DAC-202B to convert a digital to analog signal. It includes the converter, an AC adapter and digital optical and RCA cables. Compatible with Serene...

  • Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Charging Base

    Charging base for the TV SoundBox TV listening speaker provides easy recharging anywhere in the home. Includes AC adapter. Charges only - does not transmit.

  • Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations TV SoundBox AC Adapter

    This extra AC Adapter can be used as a replacement for the AC Adapter included with your TVSoundBox®. It can also be used as a charging option for the TVSoundBox® receiver or for an extra TVSoundBox® receiver. Brand Serene...

  • Sennheiser

    Sennheiser Foam Replacement Eartips

    Replacement foam eartips for the Sennheiser Set 830 system, Sennheiser Set 840 system and Sennheiser Set 900 system. Package contains 5 pairs of eartips.

  • Portable TV Listener Extra Receiver


    Unisar Wireless Portable TV Listener Extra Receiver

    Warning: This is an accessory or replacement part and not a complete system! Replacement or additional headset for the Unisar Wireless Portable TV Listener. Click here for complete system> Warranty One year warranty Brand Unisar Product Type...

    Was: $49.95
    Now: $43.25
  • Serene Innovations TV-Direct 95 RF

    Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations TV-Direct 95 RF Replacement/Extra Receiver

    Warning: This is a replacement part or accessory and not a system. Other components are needed for operation. Extra or replacement receiver for the Serene Innovations TV-Direct 95 RF TV Listening System. Each transmitter can transmit to unlimited...

  • Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations HAC-100 TV HDMI to Analog Converter

    This converter adds an analog L + R and SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) audio out port to your HiDef TV or sound system. Features: One HDMI input converted to one HDMI + Audio (SPDIF + R/L analog) output Input resolution up to 1080P...

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