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Hearing Aid Clean & Dry

  • PerfectClean Solution Refill

    MG Development

    PerfectClean Solution Refill Cartridge

    Antibacterial refill for the PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System. Lasts up to 45 cycles. Brand MG Development UPC 3700560704345

    Was: $19.15
    Now: $17.55
  • PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning

    MG Development

    PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System

    Washes, disinfects and dries hearing aids and cochlear implants to maintain optimal performance and prevent costly breakdowns Washes all types of hearing aids and cochlear impants Get the ultimate hearing aid and cochlear implant cleaning system...

  • Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum

    Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum

    The Model HC-200 Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner thoroughly cleans and removes ear wax moisture and dust from hearing aids inside and out! It features a new ergonomic design for comfort re-designed suction tips for an optimal cleaning experience...

    MSRP: $59.95
    Was: $59.95
    Now: $53.15
  • PerfectDry Lux Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

    MG Development

    PerfectDry Lux Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

    Disinfects and dries hearing aids and cochlear implants to prevent costly breakdowns Washes all types of hearing aids and cochlear impants Quick 30 minute cleaning cycle This incredibly efficient dehumidifier dries and cleans your hearing aids or...

    Was: $99.00
    Now: $74.60
  • Audiowipes Singles


    Audiowipes Singles 100 Count

    Individually wrapped Audiowipes. Ideal for traveling. Audiologists may use as patient samples. Box of 100 single Audiowipes.

  • ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer

    Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener

    Using gentle dry heat to remove moisture and condensation the Serene Innovations ReNew™ Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener can help keep your hearing instruments clean at home or while traveling.The ReNew™ Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener is a...

    Was: $74.95
    Now: $61.65
  • DryDome Hearing Aid Dryer

    Dry & Store

    Dry & Store DryDome Hearing Aid Dryer

    Built-up moisture in your hearing aid can be very damaging causing corrosion of battery contacts hinges and other components. This can result in distortion volume fluctuations and other performance issues with your hearing aid and ultimately costly...

  • QR Hearing Aid Drying

    MG Development

    PerfectDry QR Hearing Aid Drying System

    Holds 2 behind-the-ear (BTE) or in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, or 2 cochlear implants Quick 45 minute drying cycle with automatic switch off Dries moisture with heat, no need to remember to keep buying desiccant Your hearing aids are tiny devices full...

    Was: $75.00
    Now: $58.50
  • EarDoc Hearing Aid Dryer

    Sonic Alert

    EarDoc Hearing Aid Dryer Plate

    Care for and protect one of your most valuable investments with confidence using the EarDoc Hearing Aid Dryer Plate. This dryer will remove unwanted moisture to greatly improve the performance and life of your hearing instrument for years to come...

  • Dehumidifier Replacement Pillow


    Dry Spot Dehumidifier Replacement Pillow

    Replacement desiccant pillow for Dry Spot Hearing Aid Dehumidifier keeps hearing aids from being damaged by moisture.[Click for user manual]

    Was: $21.60
    Now: $17.35
  • Hearing Aid Dehumidifier


    Dry Spot Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

    Decorative container with a patented desiccant pillow. Container is large enough for two behind-the-ear hearing aids and has a wide opening with an easy-open lid. Desiccant pillow is microwavable. Replacement pillows are available. Includes container and...

  • Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier


    Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

    The Dri-Eze(TM) Hearing Aid Dehumidifier features an innovative built-in desiccant lining that removes damaging moisture to prolong the life of your hearing aids and improve sound quality. At night simply put your hearing aids into the dehumidifier and...

    Was: $23.05
    Now: $19.15
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