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Sound/Noise Alerts

  • Sonic Alert

    Sonic Alert Traditional System USS 360 Universal Sound Transmitter

    The USS 360 signaler alerts you to any number of sounds by flashing any lamp that is plugged into its plug-outlet or by vibration (when used with the Super-Shaker SA-SS120V bed vibrator). It has a line cord so you are able to place the unit close to the...

  • Clarity

    Clarity AlertMaster AMAX Audio Transmitter

    The AlertMaster® AMAX™ Audio Monitor by Clarity® is a signaling transmitter that alerts to the sound of a smoke alarm or other audio alerts in the home. It becomes activated after 15 seconds of continuous sound and is an ideal solution for...

    Was: $49.95
    Now: $47.60
  • Silent Call

    Silent Call Sound Monitor Transmitter

    The battery-operated Silent Call Sound Monitor Transmitter alerts to sounds such as a baby's cry, an apartment door buzzer, alarm clock, oven timer, etc., up to 100 feet. It requires any Silent Call 318MHz Silent Call receiver. The Sound Monitor is a...

    Was: $55.95
    Now: $53.30
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