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Speaker Style TV Listeners

If you or someone you knows plays the TV so loud that it disturbs or annoys others, then a perfect solution might be a TV Listening System aka TV Listener, hearing impaired TV speaker, headphones or earphones.

TV Listeners are perfect for the Hard of Hearing TV watchers, Gamers and "nite Owls". The Hard of Hearing can amplify the TV sound through the headset to a level that is suitable for them while keeping the volume on the TV at a suitable level for others without disturbing or annoying them. Gamers can play without disturbing the rest of the household and late night TV watchers/Gamers won’t have to worry about waking others.

Wireless TV Listeners/Amplifiers come in different types (styles) and use different types of transmission signals.

See all of our TV Listening Systems on this page or choose specific types, styles and transmission signals.

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