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Amplified Corded Phones

  • The Future Call FC-1507 model corded 40dB amplified telephone has big number buttons for easy visibility when dialing and is hearing aid compatible.

    Future Call

    Future Call Amplified Big Button Phone

    This corded amplified telephone has big buttons and a 40dB amplified handset for people with moderate hearing loss. This line powered phone retains the numbers stored in memory, even when the phone is unplugged. Features: Big buttons for easy dialing...

    Was: $45.00
    Now: $42.55
  • Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations HD-60J Jumbo Button Amplified Phone

    The HD-60J is the first jumbo-key amplified phone to offer High-Definition Sound Technology for un-matched voice clarity, making every word vividly sharp, clear and easy to understand, all virtually without any distortion, echo or squealing. It also...

  • Future Call

    Future Call FC-1007 Amplified Picture Phone

    This 40dB amplified corded phone from Future Call has 10 memory picture buttons to dial the person you want to call along with an emergency button. Always know who you are calling with this amplified corded picture phone. Ten large memory picture buttons...

    Was: $49.95
    Now: $46.20
  • Amplicom PowerTel 780


    Amplicom PowerTel 780 Assure Amplified Phone with Expansion Handset

    The Amplicom PowerTel 780 Assure™ includes the PowerTel 760 and PowerTel 701 cordless expansion handset. The Amplicom PowerTel 760 corded phone includes an integrated digital answering machine and high quality sound with low distortion when...

    Was: $199.95
    Now: $144.95
  • Amplicom PowerTel 785


    Amplicom PowerTel 785 Responder Amplified Phone

    The Amplicom PowerTel 785 Responder™ features a 50dB amplified corded phone, cordless phone and a multipurpose vibrating wrist transmitter. It is the ideal solution for those who want quick dialing, easy answering and an "emergency connect" feature...

    Was: $249.95
    Now: $178.55
  • Ultratec

    CapTel 880i Captioned Phone

     This phone requires both a regular landline phone service and high speed internet to be provided and installed by the intended user prior to delivery of this phone. Purchase of this phone does not include either of these services or their...

  • Future Call

    Future Call FC-8814 Amplified Speakerphone with Big Buttons

    40dB amplification for those who are missing words or straining to hear the conversation Speakerphone for easy, hands-free calling Loud ringer with flashing light so you always know when there is a call This extremely affordable speakerphone has...

  • Clarity AltoPlus


    Clarity AltoPlus Amplified Phone

    The Clarity® AltoPlus™ amplified phone from Clarity lets individuals with hearing loss stay connected with friends and family. The Alto phone series is the first on the market with TIA-4953 certified for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss...

  • Clarity

    Clarity Ensemble Amplified Captioned Phone

    This phone requires both a regular U.S. landline phone service and high speed internet to be provided and installed by the intended user prior to delivery of this phone. Purchase of this phone does not include either of these services or their...

  • AmpliPOWER60 phone


    AmpliPOWER60 Amplified Corded Telephone

    On Sale! See Price in Cart! The Geemarc AmpliPOWER60 is one of our loudest amplified phones. It amplifies voices up to 67dB, so you won't miss another word of what your callers say. This amplified big button corded telephone features incoming voice...

    Was: $137.99
    Now: $112.35
  • Serene Innovations HD-65-1

    Serene Innovations

    Serene Innovations HD-65 Amplified Phone

    With a talking Caller ID and large display, the HD-65 amplified phone makes it easy to make outgoing calls and find out who's called. The Serene Innovations HD-65 amplified corded telephone makes outgoing and incoming phones calls easier for everyone...

    Was: $174.95
    Now: $139.95
  • Clarity E814 Amplified Phone with Expansion


    Clarity E814 Amplified Phone with Expansion Handset - 1 Year Warranty

    The Clarity® E814™ is a 40dB amplified corded answering machine telephone and 40dB amplified cordless expansion handset. This Clarity E814 combo includes a corded base telephone and cordless expansion handset with 40dB amplification that makes...

    Was: $119.95
    Now: $97.95
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