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Infrared (IR) TV Listening Systems

nfrared (IR) TV Listeners use infrared light to transmit the sound from the transmitter connected to the TV to the recevier (headset, speaker or neckloop). Infrared TV Lisening Systems can be less expensive and can provide a very good sound quality. Because IR systems typically have a shorter range than RF TV Listening Systems and the signal cannot travel through or around objects, these systems are typically best for those who do not need to listen to the TV while moving around or in a different room 

See all of our IR TV Listening Systems on this page or choose a different styles or transmission signal.

  • Amplicomms TV3500 TV Listening System


    Amplicomms TV3500 TV Listening System

    Lightweight wireless TV listener with powerful sound, tone control, and multiple connection options. Amplify without any cables using the built-in microphone, or use the included optical audio cable (TOSLINK) or 3.5mm audio cable for the best sound...

    Was: $169.99
    Now: $143.85
  • Hearing Better  TV Listening System

    Hearing Better

    Hearing Better 2.3MHz IR TV Listening System

    Amplifies TV or other sound sources without blasting others in the room with loud volume Virtually unbreakable headset Wireless  infrared technology with up to 35ft line of sight range This lightweight system allows you to move freely around your...

  • TV Listener J3 Infrared


    TV Listener J3 Infrared Stereo System

    Priced too Low to Advertise! Please see details about the real price> The TV Listener® J3 infrared TV system is a great value for under $50. Enjoy television while others sleep, read or study. Perfect for individuals with hearing loss. Allows one...

    Was: $49.99
    Now: $47.35
  • Hearing Better 2.3MHz IR Headset Receiver

    Hearing Better

    Hearing Better 2.3MHz IR Headset Receiver

    Replacement or additional headset  for the Hearing Better 2.3MHz IR TV Listening System. (This is not a complete system). Each TV Listening System can charge 2 headsets simultaneously. Brand Hearing Better Product Type Accessory ...

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