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Caption & TTY Phones

  • Ultratec Minicom IV TTY


    Ultratec Minicom IV TTY

    The Ultratec Minicom IV™ is an affordable, basic TTY model for use in acoustic mode, by placing the telephone receiver on the TTY's acoustic cups. The TTY features a 20-character display and rechargeable batteries. Features: Tilted, 20...

    Was: $375.00
    Now: $339.95
  • Ultratec Superprint 4425 TTY


    Ultratec Superprint 4425 TTY

    The Superprint 4425 from Ultratec is the best TTY for those home and business users who want everything in one TTY with programmable auto-answer, phone directory, TTY announcer, clock and phone ring flasher. Remarkable TTY...Faster! Smarter! Smaller!...

    Was: $499.00
    Now: $425.75
  • Uniphone 1140 TTY


    Ultratec Uniphone 1140 TTY

    The Uniphone 1140 combines the functions of a TTY, telephone and amplified telephone into one single unit. The Uniphone is ideal for people with hearing loss, allowing you to read responses while talking with the handset. A combination TTY, telephone and...

    Was: $279.00
    Now: $269.35
  • CaptionCall 67TB Amplified Captioned Phone


    CaptionCall 67TB Amplified Captioned Phone

      Discontinued!!! Please consider a Captel Caption Phone as an alternative by clicking here>.    Don't let hearing loss keep you from using your telephone. CaptionCall Captioned Phone is a 58dB amplified telephone for people with...

  • Silent Call Legacy Series Telephone/TTY Transmitter

    Silent Call

    Silent Call Legacy Series Telephone/TTY Transmitter

    Connects in seconds to the jack of any standard telephone or TTY. When the telephone rings the transmitter sends a signal to any Silent Call Legacy Series receiver. Works with VP200 and ZBox. Does not send to the Shake-Up (SC-SHKUP/V). Includes batteries...

    Was: $56.95
    Now: $53.15
  • Silent Call Signature Series Telephone Transmitter

    Silent Call

    Silent Call Signature Series Telephone Transmitter

    The Silent Call Signature Series uses radio frequency technology allowing you freedom and flexibility with outstanding features and increased range of up to 2 000 feet. Quickly know when you have visitors telephone calls or emergencies with the bright...

    Was: $88.95
    Now: $73.05
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