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Serene Innovations CentralAlert CA-380 Wearable Notification System with Audio Sensor and Doorbell Transmitter

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Product Overview

The CentralAlert CA-380 Wearable Notification System Combo is a personal signaling system for deaf and hard of hearing people that alerts via a wearable vibrating personal pager to audio sounds, home phone calls, cell phone calls and texts, and doorbell.

This notification system by Serene Innovations is designed to alert an individual with hearing loss via the wearable vibrating pager with braille buttons that also features audible alerts and blinking icons. This combo includes the CA-AX audio alarm sensor that can detect nearby audio alerts such as a smoke detector and others, a CA-CX home/cell phone sensor and a doorbell transmitter. A bed shaker is also included for connecting to the CA-CX phone signaler for vibrating alerts.


  • Alert types include the telephone, cell phone, audio, doorbell
  • 2.4GHz Smart-Code technology
  • Up to 200 ft operating range 

Includes 1 each:

  • CA-CX Phone Signaler
  • CA-PX Personal Pager with braille buttons
  • CA-AX Audio Alarm Sensor
  • CA-DB doorbell
  • Bed shaker

[Click for CA-PX user manual]
[Click for CA-CX user manual]
[Click for CA-AX user manual]


Warranty One year limited warranty
Brand Serene Innovations
Product Type Signaler
Signaler Type Landline Phone/VP, Sound
Signaler Style Wireless
Signaler Alert Type Audio, Vibration, Light
Lamp Plugin No
Vibrating Alert Yes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review