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Sonic Alert HomeAware Blink LED Receiver

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Product Overview

The Sonic Alert HomeAware Blink is the first of its kind to alert you to specific home events using various colored lights! Connects to the HomeAware main unit, transmitters and receivers. Blinks five unique colors to notify you to five different alerts when used with optional transmitters.

Leap into a new age of signal communications with the HomeAware Blink! Whether it is an alarm clock going off to wake you, an incoming phone call from a family member or a doorbell being rang by a friend, the SA-HA360B is the brightest and most colorful signaling receiver on the market today for notifying you to the various alerts within and around your home. The HomeAware Blink must be located within 400 feet of the main HomeAware Unit.


  • Connects with the HomeAware main unit, transmitters and receivers
  • Blinks five unique colors to notify you to five different alerts, when used with optional transmitters,
  • Fully-charged battery lasts 48 hours
  • Battery charges completely within two hours
  • One-year Sonic Alert warranty
Feature Details  
Brand Sonic Alert
Mfg part # HA360B
UPC 650518101609
Warranty One year warranty
Color White
Weight (lbs) 0.5
Battery operated? Yes (batteries required)
Batteries included? Yes
Battery details (1) Non-removable Lithium Polymer
Country of Manufacture China
System Sonic Alert HomeAware
Alert Type(s)


Flashing Light

Loud Audible

Low Vision / Deaf-Blind






Transmitter / Receiver Receiver
Range (ft) 1000
Expandable Yes
Portable No
Battery backup Yes
USB charger No


(No reviews yet) Write a Review