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Eartech TV AudioDigital RF TV Listening System with Headset

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Product Overview

Easy to use TV Audio system that delivers crystal clear sound from your TV directly to your ears, at your own personal volume and tone settings. Best Signal to Noise (SNR) Ratio on the market, which means the least amount of white noise, hissing or static. Includes cables and accessories necessary to use with to any TV.

Eartech’s TV listening system’s sound quality remains strong up to 100 feet, through walls, even outside. Includes 1 base unit transmitter and connection cables to work with any style TV (Optical connection for smart TV’s). Balance and volume controls located conveniently on receiver.


  • Stetho-style headset receivery
  • Small and large earpieces available for comfortable fit
  • Expandable - can use multiple receivers
  • Versatile –can use neckloop and/or stetho-style with base transmitter
  • Up to 100 feet wireless transmission
  • Package Dimensions: 3.5"x8.75"x10"
  • Two year warranty
Brand EarTech
Product Type TV Amplifier
Frequency 2.4GHz
TV Amplifier Style Headset/Earset
UPC 810323005091


(No reviews yet) Write a Review