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Dry & Store Zephyr Travel Hearing Aid Dryer

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Product Overview

At just over a pound the Zephyr is the perfect solution for keeping your hearing aids clean and dry while traveling almost anywhere!
It accommodates up to two ear-level cochlear implant processors or 4 BTE hearing aids or one body-worn processor. A disposable Dry-Brik® desiccant is included with each Zephyr that lasts up to two months.

Dry & Store's Zephyr hearing aid dryer has a small size that makes it great for taking on the road, but it's still big on performance for keeping hearing aids clean and moisture-free.


  • Positive-latching hinged lid with a drying compartment that will accommodate all types of hearing instruments, including cochlear implant microphones, headpieces, and speech processors (both ear-level and body-worn)
  • Lightweight and portable for travel
  • Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled circuitry shuts off after 8 hrs
  • Quiet fan gently circulates warm, dry, temperature-controlled air
  • Batteries do not have to be removed from hearing aids before Zephyr use
  • Weight: 1 lb, 4 oz
  • Dimensions: 3.6" wide x 5.9" deep x 2.8" high
  • Drying Compartment: (Single tray) 3.2" x 2.6" x 1"

Watch video comparing Dry & Store models Global II and Zephyr (captioned)


Warranty Two year warranty
Brand Dry & Store
Product Type Hearing Aid Accessory
Language English


(No reviews yet) Write a Review