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BRK Electronics CO5120BN Hard Wired T4 Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Backup

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Product Overview

The BRK CO5120BN is a hard-wired carbon monoxide combo alarm with battery backup. It features a CO sensor Intelligent Sensing Technology™ for fewer unwanted alarms an 85dB horn 9V battery backup side-load battery drawer two silence features and is interconnectable with up to 18 devices. Applications include residential and institutional applications including hospitals hotels motels dormitories and other multi-family dwellings.

The Intelligent Sensing Technology" system is designed to reduce nuisance alarms. The "Latching Alarm Indication" remembers which unit initiated an alarm. When interconnected the unit that triggered the alarm rapidly flashes its red LED indicator. After the alarm condition subsides the initiating unit will store in memory or "latch" the information and begin to flash the red LED indicator once every 5 seconds.

The "Smart Interconnect" feature allows the unit to be interconnected to other BRK CO and smoke alarms. If there is a smoke event the interconnected CO5120BN horn pattern will emit the T4 alarm sound the same sound as a smoke alarm (4 beeps pause 4 beeps). If there is a CO event the interconnected CO alarms will sound with their normal horn pattern. Battery installation and removal can occur while the unit is mounted via the side load battery compartment.


  • Latching alarm indicator remembers which unit initiated an alarm
  • Intelligent Sensing Technology reduces nuisance alarms
  • 85dB horn
  • T4 sound pattern
  • Smart Interconnect is interconnectable to both BRK smoke and CO alarms
  • Two silence features can silence the low battery chirp up to 8 hours or temporarily silence and unwanted alarm
  • Quick easy installation

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Warranty Seven year limited warranty
Brand BRK Electronics
Product Type Emergency Devices
Language English
UPC 029054856173


(No reviews yet) Write a Review