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  • Cardionics E-Scope 7700


    Cardionics E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Stethoscope

    The lightweight E-Scope Clinical Electronic Stethoscope is designed for use in general medicine. The E-Scope 7700 amplified stethoscope amplifies sounds approximately 30 times louder than normal...

    Was: $335.00
    Now: $311.95
  • Cardionics E-Scope II 7710


    Cardionics E-Scope II 7710 Belt Model Stethoscope

    Belt model electronic stethoscope for ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids is powered by a single AAA battery. Uses include pediatrics or neonatology and general clinic. USB-style side output jack for...

    Was: $370.00
    Now: $343.15