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MonoMouse-RM Video Magnifier

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02# MM-RM US
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Product Overview

The MonoMouse-RM provides three viewing modes. The first mode is called grayscale and is simple black and white text the same as the MonoMouse. The text appears on the screen just how it appears on the printed material, apart from of course being magnified. The second mode changes all black text to be pure white, while the white background becomes pure black. The third mode makes the text pure black on a pure white background. 

The benefit of the white text on black background is reduced brightness or glare on the screen, which can be better for anyone with Macular Degeneration. The pure black text on white background can be better for some eye conditions where maximum contrast between colors is beneficial. 


  • Compatible with any TV using RCA video input
  • High contrast image, less glare
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • High contrast negative image
  • (pure white text on black background)
  • High contrast positive image
  • (pure black text on white background)
  • Regular contrast (called grayscale)
  • Approximately 14x magnification on a regular 20" TV (28x on a 40" TV)
  • RCA connection
  • 6 feet of easy store cable
  • Durable, CE approved, built to last 

How it works

1. Simply plug the MonoMouse-RM into any regular television RCA video input, connect the power and press the large blue button.

2. Switch your television to the 'video' input channel and you will immediately see a magnified image.

3. Hold the MonoMouse-RM in your hand, just like a tennis ball or computer mouse, and whatever you move your hand over appears magnified on your television.

That's it. Enjoy reading.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review