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  • ClearSounds CSC600


    ClearSounds CSC600 UltraClear White

    The CSC600 UltraClear amplified phone has Caller ID with a large LCD display, connection for a bed vibrator, flashing strobe visual ringer and a speakerphone. The phone provides up to 50dB...

  • ClearSounds iConnect A1600BT


    ClearSounds iConnect A1600BT Amplified Phone

    Cell phone or landline? The choice is yours! The A1600 with Bluetooth® is sure to please individuals who depend on their cell phones as their basic communication device while also wanting the...

  • ClearSounds

    ClearSounds A700 Amplified Phone

    40dB amplification, ideal level for those who are constantly asking the caller to repeat themselves Tone control defines and enhances sound quality Loud, visual ringer with handset vibration ensures...

    Was: $149.95
    Now: $112.85
  • ClearSounds

    ClearSounds A700 Amplified Phone with Expansion Handset

    Completely tailor the A700 to your specific hearing needs! It features fully adjustable volume and tone levels 10 ringtone options with volume control and programmable memory buttons for quick...

    Was: $219.95
    Now: $162.25
  • ClearSounds

    ClearSounds ANS3000 Digital Amplified Answering Machine

    The ClearSounds ANS300 is a digital recording answering machine that makes your voice messages up to 30dB louder, amplifying with clarity and adjustable message playback speed control. The...

    Was: $59.95
    Now: $56.35
  • ClearSounds ClearBlue-2


    ClearSounds ClearBlue Bluetooth TV/Audio Listening System

    The ClearBlue™ Bluetooth® TV/Audio Amplifying System provides a stylish, wireless solution for enjoying TV and music at the volume level you enjoy without disturbing everyone else in your...

    Was: $129.95
    Now: $103.35
  • ClearSounds CSC500


    ClearSounds CSC500 Amplified Spirit Phone

    The ClearSounds® CSC500™ Amplified Spirit Phone is ideal for those looking for an easy to use, value priced amplified corded telephone. Eight prominent speed dial buttons display photos...

  • ClearSounds CSC600ER


    ClearSounds CSC600ER Amplified SOS Alert Phone

    The ClearSounds® CSC600ER Amplified SOS Alert Telephone offers you peace of mind, security and confidence to continue with daily activities and maintain your independence with no monthly...

  • ClearSounds

    ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth Neckloop

    The elegant ClearSounds® Quattro 4.0 neckloop is the perfect listening device for people with hearing aids, cochlear implants (with t-coils) as well as those without hearing aids to hear clearly...

    Was: $279.95
    Now: $214.15