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FutureCall Picture Dialer Box

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Product Overview

The FC-2409-2 Picture Dialer Box is great for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s and can be used alone as a speaker phone or in addition to your home phone as a dialer box. Plugs into and is powered by the phone jack. No batteries or AC adapter required. Includes a two-way Speakerphone function.

Memory Photo Keys dial with an easy, one or two touches. The dialer box remembers the last phone number dialed. The FC-2409-2 can be used as a dialer with any other phone on the same landline. The unit provides a toggle switch to select between using “Normal” or “One Touch” dialing modes. It plugs into and powered by any home or office phone jack— no batteries or AC adaptor required. The included 2-way speakerphone has a volume control. The mute/hold button will play music when used.


  • 10 Memory Picture Keys dial with easy, one or two touches
  • All Memories are backed up for life
  • 2-way Speakerphone function
  • Speakerphone volume slide control
  • One Touch or Normal dialing mode options
  • Ringer volume switch; Off – Low – High
  • Bright LED for Ringer and IN USE functions
  • Plugs into and powered by any home or office phone jack
  • No batteries or AC adaptor required
  • includes; Memory key, Redial/Pause key, Speakerphone key, and Music on Hold (Mute key)
  • Wall-mountable
  • Can be used as a dialer with any other phone on the same landline
Product Type Telephone
Tone Control Yes
Caller ID Screen No
Caller ID Talking No
Telephone Answering Machine No
Telephone Big Buttons No
Telephone Speakerphone Yes
Visual Ringer Yes
Battery Backup No


(No reviews yet) Write a Review