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Clocks (Hearing)

  • Sonic Boom SBD375ss

    Sonic Alert

    Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBD375ss Vibrating

    On Sale! See Price in Cart!  One clock, two alarms. The large display makes the Sonic Boom SBD375ss Dual Alarm Clock easy to see for couples who need to wake up at different times. It's a convenient solution to having to set different alarm times...

    Was: $63.99
    Now: $53.05
  • Reizen Alarm Clock


    Reizen Braille Quartz Vibrating Alarm Clock

    This clock was developed for blind individuals and those with low vision, but the vibration option also makes it a suitable choice for the deaf and hard of hearing. It features an easy-to-read clock face with glow-in-the-dark hands and a tactile dial...

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