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BeHear PROXY Bluetooth Neck Speaker + Transmitter (Bundle)

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Product Overview

BeHear PROXY is a unique wireless Bluetooth neck speaker & personal amplifier that lets you listen to any Bluetooth audio source and/or amplify your surroundings! The built-in speakers allow you to listen comfortably while maintaining situational awareness, while the retractable earbuds give you full privacy when you need it. This bundle also comes with a HearLink Plus Bluetooth Audio transmitter, allowing you to turn almost any audio source into one you can wirelessly listen to with your BeHear PROXY.


  • Clear, crisp TV dialogue with no lip sync issues (supports aptX)
  • Long-range transmitter for freedom of movement
  • Loudspeakers located just below your open ears
  • Switches easily between TV sound and mobile calls
  • Can be used with hearing aids, if desired 

Surround Sound on Your Shoulders

BeHear PROXY is a unique combination of a wireless neck speaker, microphone, and personal hearing amplifier, powered by Alango’s advanced audio technology.

  • Rich stereo sound, inches from your open ears
  • Eliminates room reverberation and other distractions
  • Supports low latency aptX, enabling perfect audio-video synchronization with no lip sync issues
  • Pairs simultaneously and switches easily between TV and a smartphone 

Includes HearLink PLUS

HearLink PLUS is a low-latency, long-range assistive listening transmitter for television and other audio sources. It pairs with BeHear PROXY using Bluetooth to stream audio from optical or analog outputs directly to the headset. With this bundle, you can enjoy personally optimized sound sent directly from the source directly to your ears. When the ListenThrough option is activated (in earphones mode), you will also be able to hear nearby conversations, and other important ambient sounds as well. 

Television Watching

Unlike standard PSAP devices, where “one setting fits all”, your neck speaker + transmitter bundle by Wear & Hear lets you amplify and clarify exactly what you want to hear, taking your unique hearing capabilities into account. Use the Android/iOS app to take a simple hearing assessment and curate your own personal hearing profile automatically. 

Distortion-Free, Long Range

Hear without interruption, distortion, or distraction! Qualcomm aptX low latency technology avoids lip sync issues. Direct transmission eliminates distortion and room reverberation. And the powerful, long range (200 ft. – 60 m.) transmitter ensures continuous connection—even when you leave the room. 

More Than a TV Headset

Did someone call you while you’re watching a program? The TV audio stream will be muted for the duration of the call and will resume automatically once the call ends; the ListenThrough™ feature allows you to hear the doorbell or other important sounds while enjoying top quality audio (in earphones mode); effortlessly understand mobile phone speech by slowing it down with the EasyListen™. Additionally, enhance audio during face-to-face conversations, mobile phone calls, and streamed music, while reducing ambient noise (in earphones mode). 

Comfortable. Versatile. Personalized.

No more bulky headphones, or annoying earbuds that heat up your ears! This flexible neckband twists easily for placement around your neck and rests gently on your shoulders. It includes extractable earbuds for private listening, so you can enjoy customized, clear sound from TV programs without disturbing anyone.


Brand Alango
Warranty One year
Color Black
Item Dimensions Proxy- 10"L x 10"W x 2.15"H / HearLink Plus 5.0"L x 3.35"W x 1.05"H
Weight (lbs) 2
Battery operated? Yes (batteries required)
Batteries included? Yes
Battery details Non-removeable Lithium Ion
What's included? Proxy Neck Speaker, USB Charging Cable, variety in types and sizes of Ear Bud Pairs & Quick-Start Guide/ Bluetooth Transmitter, 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable, RCA to 3.5mm Adapter, Optical Fiber Audio Cable & Quick Start Guide
Country of Manufacture China
Technology Bluetooth
Wearing Style Hand-held / body worn
Expandable No
Wireless Range (ft) 30
Tone Control Yes
Balance Control Yes
Built-In Mic Yes
Rechargeable Yes
Hours of Use 50


(No reviews yet) Write a Review