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TV Listener J3 Infrared Stereo System

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Product Overview

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The TV Listener® J3 infrared TV system is a great value for under $50. Enjoy television while others sleep, read or study. Perfect for individuals with hearing loss. Allows one person to have the TV volume at their own custom level.

With the TV Listener®, one person can enjoy the television while the other sleeps, reads or studies. No more waking up your family because the TV is too loud. Also perfect for individuals with hearing loss, this completely cordless infrared system is ideal if you have difficulty hearing or you simply want to watch TV, listen to the stereo or any other audio device at a different volume than others. The disk transmitter and ergonomic headset deliver superior sound when used with nearly any TV or audio source, allowing you to enjoy your favorite TV shows or radio programs without wearing a bulky headset.

The TV Listener J3 works just like your TV remote control, sending an invisible infrared signal from your television or any other audio device to the lightweight headset receiver. Unlike radio frequency devices, infrared technology is not subject to interference from microwaves, wireless networks or cordless phones, tuning adjustment or frequency drift, and the battery life is longer. The headset receiver then converts the light waves back into high fidelity stereo sound. The headset recharges when plugged into the transmitter and works for over 15 hours of uninterrupted use.


  • Transmits up to 33 feet
  • Works in stereo or mono mode
  • 2.3/2.8MHz infrared frequency
  • Works with any TV (including all flat screens), stereo or audio device
  • Wireless, lightweight headset - no cords or wires
  • Soft, cushioned ear pads and a self-adjusting band
  • Rechargeable headset lasts over 15 hours
  • Volume control conveniently located on headset
  • Headset ear pieces swivel for maximum comfort
  • Works independently of TV speakers
  • Works with TVs and multimedia equipment
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Expandable - works with multiple headsets so more than one person can listen at the same time
  • Requires 2 AAA rechargeable batteries (included)


What is an IR (infrared) system?
IR, or infrared systems, transmit sound via invisible light waves within direct line of sight. There is added security in an IR system because sound cannot "spill over" to other rooms. Many multiplex theaters use IR systems for that reason.

Additional Information


Warranty Six month limited warranty
Product Type TV Amplifier
Frequency 2.8MHz, 2.3MHz, IR (infrared)
TV Amplifier Style Headset/Earset





(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 3
    Works as intended

    Posted by Burt M. on Jan 8th 2015

    Takes a little getting used to, but seems to work as intended.

  • 4
    Very good product!

    Posted by Lerey M on Jan 8th 2015

    Very good product!