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Comtek AT-216 Environmental Mic Kit

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Product Overview

The Comtek AT-216 wireless auditory assistance kit is an extended-fidelity FM microphone system that brings out speech clarity like never before. Incorporating special noise reduction circuitry to increase the speech clarity of the FM signal, this Comtek mic system is specially designed to take advantage of today's digital hearing aid technology.

The Comtek AT-216 has a micro-mini jack for use with the M-4020P plug-in environmental microphone for either the Enviro-Mic or Smart-Mic. This input jack may also be used with other accessories such as handheld directional microphones clip-on speech training microphones and telephone adapters. It works as a remote microphone overcoming common listening problems for those with hearing loss: background noise reverberation and distance from the speaker.

A higher signal-to-noise ratio plus a higher frequency response of the FM signal work together to maximize the performance of hearing aids cochlear implants and earphones. In addition to t-coil hearing aids the user wears the personal receiver and neckloop. If hearing aids are not used the receiver and headphones may be used instead of the neckloop.


  • Up to 50dB amplification
  • Wireless microphone transmitter
  • Omnidirectional lapel microphone
  • Personal receiver with plug-in environmental mic
  • Neckloop transductor; Earphone assembly
  • Two NiMH rechargeable batteries and battery charger
  • Auxiliary audio input cable

What is an FM system?

FM systems transmit sound via radio waves (frequency modulation) from the speaker's microphone to the listener's portable receiver.

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Warranty Two year warranty
Brand Comtek Communications
Product Type Personal Amplifier
Language English


(No reviews yet) Write a Review