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Clarity Chat Beige Pair Personal Sound Amplifier

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Product Overview

  • Discreet, behind-the-ear sound amplifier helps you hear in everyday social situations
  • Customize to your hearing loss with 5 volume levels and 4 pre-sets 
  • Reduces background noise while speech is enhanced for a clear listening experience

This easy-to-use sound amplifier lets you hear every sound loud and clear. It’s the sound boost you want that no one will notice. 

Whether you’re enjoying the outdoors, meeting with coworkers or simply going about your day, you deserve to hear every sound to the fullest. The Chat reduces environmental noise while dynamically enhancing speech for an optimal listening experience.

The Chat is worn behind the ear similar to a hearing aid (they are not FDA-approved hearing aids). They can be purchased over the counter without seeing a doctor for about a tenth of the cost of hearing aids! 


  • 45dB-53dB gain
  • 5 volume levels
  • 4 pre-programmed profiles to fit your unique hearing needs: general use, noisy environments, quiet environments and t-coil
  • Digital sound processing
  • Discreet behind-the-ear wearing style
  • 8 channel wide dynamic range compression differentiates noise from speech
  • 12 band noise reduction reduces environmental noise
  • Dynamic speech enhancement
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation technology reduces whistling and squeaking
  • Voice prompts for low battery, program settings and min/max volume controls
  • Sudden loud noises are suppressed, protecting your hearing
  • T-coil option picks up signals from compatible phones, loop systems or neckloops and sends the sound directly to your t-coil enabled hearing aid for clearer listening
  • Size 312 hearing aid battery for 7-10 days of use


Warranty One year limited warranty
Brand Clarity
Product Type Personal Amplifier
Amplification 45dB-53dB gain
Tone Control Yes
Battery Type Size 312 hearing aid battery
Hours of Use 7-10 days
What's in the Box Pair of Beige Amplifiers, 3 different sized tubes and ear domes, 6 batteries, cleaning tools and case
UPC 017229159969



(No reviews yet) Write a Review